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Gelato Bases Basi
Is a group of basic components that connect between the ingredients for gelato and create a delicate balance between flavors, enable matching of texture, and define the character/nature of the gelato: smooth, hard, fluffy, dairy or sorbet (fruit). Basi Family "keeps" all ingredients for gelato together: milk/fruit, sugar, fats and water. Basi Family is a group of components that provide great flexibility in the preparation of gelato and are easy to use.
Avalible in: 1/2/5 kg bags
Gelato Pastes Paste
The pastes family is integrated into the gelato, enriching it with natural flavors, color, sweetness and aroma. Each paste creates a unique texture. This series of products offers dairy or fruit pastes, for example, hazelnut paste of pistachio paste for dairy gelatos or strawberry / raspberry for a sorbet gelato.
Avalible in: 3 kg cans
Gelato Sauces Variegatti
The sauces family is rich, and is comprised of 80% fresh fruit and 20% dry fruits, for example strawberries, nuts, etc. The sauces are added as an gelato coating or icing, enrich it, and result in a great experience and pleasure.
Avalible in: 2.5-4.5 kg backets
Pastry Pastiseria
Products designated for preparation of semi-frozen cakes, cold deserts and integration of baking-free rich layers. This unique method of preparation creates various cream cakes delicacies, made of sugar, milk, a little fat and various flavors, The cakes prepared this way are fluffy, easy to digest and have a low fat ratio.
Avalible in: 3 kg cans & in 1/2/5 kg bags
Beverages Bevande
Flavorful raw materials for cold or hot drinks. Used as a drink base or for coating and garnish of prepared beverages, gelatos and desserts. The series includes water-based fruit flavor syrups, alongside rich creams including vanilla, nuts, pistachios and milk-based chocolate as an addition to coffee, cappuccino, chocolate and other flavored drinks.
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