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The J.Kahan Company was founded in 1938 by Julius Cohen as a coffee roasting shop; consequently purchased by Rami Teren, who retained the original name but introduced revolutionary changes to the company driven by the vision of turning a small business into one of the pillars of the food industry in Israel.
Over the years, the vision materialized through hard work, creativity and excellence in every field. The plant has developed an impressive array of products and using state-of-the-art machines and technology created fresh and exquisite flavors.

Renovating and Innovating
As a leader in the field, J.Kahan is committed to constant innovation. Being driven by a desire to expand and provide a wider spectrum of products, the company acquired the Shavit Company in 2010 and the Elzan Company in 2011. Both are well recognized in the retail and institutional food product markets.
J. Kahan’s principal activities are the development, marketing, design and packaging production of powders for simple and quick preparation of foods and drinks, edible essences, food coloring, syrups and raw materials for food and beverages under the brands Kahan's, Shavit and Elzan. Company products are certified kosher by the Ultra-Orthodox Group [HarediEda] of Jerusalem, Rabbi Landa, Mehadrin Belz, Matte Asher regional Rabbinate and others.

The Secret of Success
The company owes its excellent reputation to high-quality, individually imported ingredients; the use of ultra-modern equipment and automatic production system; trained professional and skilled staff; and a reliable and efficient marketing system, all dedicated to taking care of our family of retail and institutional clients.
J. Kahan’s food products are a global success, exported to Europe, the United States, South Africa, and other countries. Ordering products with Orthodox Union (OU) Kosher certification for export is an option.

The commitment to excellence deriving from the goal to provide the highest quality products is reflected in every aspect of the company’s activity. From selection of raw materials, through meticulous QA production and packaging processes to adherence to delivery schedules, we ensure uncompromising compliance with the strictest international standards: GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and HACCP.

Our Quality, Your Brand
J. Kahan’s is one of the leading companies in Israel in developing and manufacturing products for private labels. Our vast experience, broad product range and excellent quality are the reason why the first rate Israeli companies work with J. Kahan’s.
Our customers can choose between a specific service and a comprehensive product development package: from product development and laboratory testing, through production and packing, all performed in our ultra-modern plant; package design and planning, including studio photos by the company graphics department; to shipping the finished product.

Packing for You
Major Israeli companies choose J. Kahan’s as their own brand packing house with full cooperation and support in the product line development.
Hundreds of customers already enjoy the company’s state-of-the-art diverse packaging structure consisting of: manual filling and capping machines, pneumatic semi-automatic and automatic filling and capping machines, machines for filling powders with automatic feed; loading and unloading counters equipped with labeling machines and sleeves.

We at J. Kahan’s are committed to continue leading the food industry in product quality, creativity and breadth, and promise to surprise you in the future with new excellent products.
Because if it's good – it’s Kahan’s!

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