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Private Label
The leading large food companies in Israel prefer J. Kahan’s for their private label products.
Due to its cutting-edge facilities equipped by many machines suitable for a wide range of products; its packaging services; its R&D department that develops tailor-made products compliant with exact customer requirements, J. Kahan’s is considered a leader in the food industry in Israel, with an emphasis on production for private labels.
If we had to pinpoint the one thing that makes the company loved by it's customers – it would be the service.
In J. Kahan’s we insist on providing professional and dedicated service and creating a personal relationship based on trust, openness and transparency, that lead to a successful cooperation throughout all stages of production.
Vast knowledge and many years of experience of the group, along with the pursuitof excellence and constant renewal, allow us to select the best raw materials and provide our customers with development, manufacturing and packaging of sophisticated, innovative products that meet the needs of the modern kitchen and bakery.
Our products are not only delicious, but also kosher. Strict adherence to these rules makes our product scertified kosher by various authorities, including the Ultra-Orthodox Group [Haredi Eda] of Jerusalem, Badaz Mehadrin (Rabbi Rubin), Mehadrin Belz, Rabbi Landa, and others.

All the packaging solutions
J. Kahan’s state-of-art machines enable it to provide its customers with numerous diverse and advanced packaging and filling solutions, including:
· Bags, boxes or cups (plastic or metal), including an option for sealing boxes with foil.
· Flat (pillow) or standing (back center seam) bags, with a weight range from 0.015 to 1.5 kg. These bags are intended primarily for packaging cereals, pulses, sugar and other products, including powdered and granular substances.
· Flatlow weight bags (5 to 15 grams), which can be also packed in a transparent Flow Pack.A variety of filling heads on this production line enables filling of hygroscopic as well as crystalline materials, so that the raw material is not ground up during the filling process.
· Packing dry and/or syrupy materials and fillings with a top cup in different diameters.
· Filling sauces in vending machines in the retail and the institutional markets.
· Manufacturing and packaging emulsifier as paste for bakeries.
· Initial filling of raw materials in flat packaging, using plastic, aluminum or paper multi-layer bags and laminates; and secondary packaging in various sizes of carton.
The laminates and bags include printing in six colors on the packaging. Our clients can either provide us with their ready graphics or use the high quality services of our printing and graphic design department. We own Flexo a Printing house that enables us to print (up to 4 colors) on individual portion packages.
We provide packaging in transparent laminates and bags and with designed stickers in various sizes. During the packaging and filling of many products, we insert nitrogen into the packaging, according to the product's technological specification (e.g. for preventing contamination of the product or oxidation of its components).

Process Stages:
Every customer can choose between a specific service and a comprehensive product development package.
Here are all the process steps to a tasty product with the name of your company on the label:
· Initial product planning. The customer comes up with an idea and gets J. Kahan’s expert opinion on the product and the raw materials required.
· Initial product development. Takes place in our state-of-the-art plant laboratory.
· Tasting. As many demos it takes up to the final approval.
· Production control and quality assurance. An integral part of the entire process.
· Packaging services. All kinds and sizes: bags, cartons, institutional or retail, etc.
· Graphic Design. Includes studio photography and packaging design by a professional and experienced graphic designer.
· Production Order.
· Transportation to Israel or abroad. We are with you until the container arrives to the customer.
Join the many customers of J. Kahan’s Ltd. and enjoy personal service and full cooperation, to your complete satisfaction.

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